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Knight Templars  -  Welcome to the home of the Knight Templars
Jomondo Happy Birthday Kyla !!
Jomondo Happy Birthday Rosta!!!!
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Jomondo Merry Christmas everyone !!!!
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Skylynx KT  Hope everyone had a good Christmas and has a safe and good new years
Jomondo Happy Birthday Kyla!!

I hope you get to eat a lot of cake!
Cohnny   Can't believe I didn't see this. Happy birthday Kyla!
Cohnny   created a new thread Welcome back, good to see you. in the Cantina forum
Jomondo Happy Independence Day!!!
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Jomondo anyone playing anything fun?
Skylynx KT  Playing with the vive which is amazing. Also new doom and total war: Warhammer
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Jomondo So I'm building a media center out of a detached garage. Anyone have an easy tutorial on building a home server? I'm thinking I should have all the equipment from all of my old PC builds.
I hear terms like NAS and windows home server throw about on youtube. just wondering what are your thoughts on it?
Rosta KT  No, but post pics!
Skylynx KT  Jaho is the man to answer those questions
Jomondo   OMG, I hate you window 10 storage space. I finally figured out why my 1TB hard drive wasn't showing up on disk management.
I guess when I built my rig windows decided to use it for storage.
Jomondo 4.99 a month subscription is a pretty good deal.
Origin: Powered by EA | Origin Games
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Rosta KT  Yea but its EA....
Jomondo OMG, I got in touch with ESCA!!
He's doing just fine and is in great spirits :)
I'm trying to talk him into installing steam. (yea I know he doesn't have steam yet)
He should be on some time tonight or tomorrow to say hello.

FYI my steam account name is Jomondo.
Rosta KT  Sream Apache664 gogo addme
Skylynx KT  Glad all is well Esca. We should pwn some noobs in Battlefront;) Add me to steam [link]
Magnisimo   YES!!! ESCA ESCA ESCA!!!
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